The Canadian Arts Alliance Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship, not one based on economic need.
We realize the cost of a college education is always a burden on the family budget,
but this scholarship if awarded is based on merit alone, not financial need.

Scholarship Applications are to be submitted ONLY online via this Online Application Form
Applications are accepted April 1st through May 1st.
AMOUNT: $1,000 Scholarships, depending on qualified applicants;
up to two scholarships may be awarded annually.
ELIGIBILITY: Any graduating Canadian High School Senior who has been
active in some aspect of the fine arts, and who plans to further
his or her education. Fine Arts will include music, drama, speech,
writing, art, dance, photography and architecture.
SELECTION PROCESS: Selection will be made by the Canadian Arts Alliance board. TIME OF PRESENTATION: This scholarship will be awarded at the annual Canadian
High School graduation ceremonies.
METHOD OF PAYMENT: Payment will be made to the student after the committee
receives proof of enrollment in his or her chosen school.
SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION PROCESS: 1. Please provide a resume of school, community and art related activities
2. Submit a 250-450 word essay on:
"How does your art speak to you?"
"How do you speak through art?"
Pleas submit your resume of school, community and art related activities
into the field below. Please double space between activities.
Pleas submit your 250-450 word essay on: 1. "How does your art speak to you?"
2. "How do you speak through art?" into the field below.
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