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The Canadian Arts Alliance was organized in 1999 with two goals:

  • to enhance the educational experience of our school children
  • to enrich the cultural life of the community


In Cooperation with the Texas Commission on the Arts and with local artists, we provided programs for the local schools that emphasized the importance of art and music.  Educational activities were followed by public performances.  Additionally, CAA provides a scholarship each year to a graduating senior who has excelled in some form of the arts.


Lipscomb MuseumA major project of the Arts Alliance involved collaborating with local artist and craftsman Doug Ricketts in the design, construction, and exhibition of "Art from the Ruins."  This exhibit consists of nine pieces of sculpture created from materials salvaged from an abandoned local homestead.  Interwoven and integrated into the pieces are records, pictures, and family memorabilia that provide the viewer with an intimate look into the life of the family who lived there.  The exhibit toured the Panhandle and is now on permanent display in the Lipscomb County Museum.

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Become a member of the Canadian Arts Alliance.


For specific information on how to become a member call 806-323-2567 or fill out our contact form by clicking here.


Please take the time to fill out our online volunteer form by clicking here.


Banning the Blahs: A Drama in Three Acts PDF Print E-mail



Act 1

(Woman stomps into room where Man is watching television)


Woman: I am SO bored! There is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do in this ONE HORSE TOWN. If I have to watch one more cruddy television show or another ball game, I am going to LOSE MY MIND! We have to GET OUT!


(Woman leaves room; Man places head in hands; as voice-over continues, dollar signs with wings fly out of Man's pocket)

Tragic words, indeed, and spoken all too often, especially during the long, dreary months of winter. Words that strike terror into the hearts of parents and spouses because they are usually followed by....a trip to Amarillo (cash register sound)....and a couple of meals (two cash register sounds)....and a visit to the Mall (three cash register sounds)....and then whatever event you planned to see, all followed by the long drive home, a short night, and waking up to all the chores that were postponed because of the trip.


If only there were another way that the small town blahs could be dispatched....


(Fade to black)

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Canadian Arts Alliance is a non-profit organization and is supported largely on generous donations.  We would appreciate your support.


You can now make a donation online by clicking on the donate online button below.





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