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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Women on the American Frontier
Thursday June 23, 8:00 PM
Texas Crown Performance Hall
Canadian, Texas - Tickets $10


Click on the play button to listen to the musical styling of Trudy Fair.




“A Way in the West” is a ninety-minute, one-act play in which six of those women tell their stories, and in the telling of how and why they came west, also tell how women and the frontier remade one another.  Using letters, diaries, and autobiographies, playwright Andy Wilkinson has drawn the words and music from the voices of the women themselves.  Actress Trudy Fair gives those voices life.

With simple, yet powerful, staging, this play is suitable for a wide range of venues, equally effective in theaters or the non-traditional spaces of schools and museums.   It is history restored by drama and emotion.


The frontier of the American west was the great equalizer.  It was where people were known for what they could do, not for who they were or where they came from.  It was the open door for the disadvantaged, the displaced, and the disappointed, an asylum for the immigrants and the freedmen and all the other refugees from the civilized side.  It was also where nineteenth-century women got their first taste of equality.



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